The Average Costs of ADHD Assessments

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – commonly known as ADHD – is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects individuals across the lifespan. As the number and frequency of ADHD diagnoses has risen, so has the demand for comprehensive assessments grown.

There is no one standardized cost for an ADHD assessment. The cost will vary depending on several factors. These include geographical location, the complexity of the evaluation, and the professionals involved. In the U.S., assessment costs can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The average charge in Ohio is $690 and in Los Angeles is $1635.

All of the providers surveyed in a 2023 Consumer Reports review stated that they regularly perform ADHD assessments, or they considered ADHD assessment and treatment a specialty area for their practice. The providers estimated costs for their usual evaluation method/approach to ADHD, based on their hourly fee multiplied by the amount of time (or sessions) typically required.

The prices were then broken into three basic categories to reflect the different approaches to evaluating ADHD. The categories include:

Basic. Providers whose ADHD testing is quite narrow in scope—perhaps one 15-minute interview session without the use of multiple testing instruments for approximately $200-$350.

Graduated. Providers whose ADHD testing is comprised of a narrower range of standardized tests, most of which focus specifically on the identification of ADHD. These evaluations are typically completed by a pediatrician or family doctor during the course of a regular doctor’s visit for $350-$500.

Extensive. Providers whose ADHD testing includes a comprehensive range of tests, including direct tests for ADHD and “rule-out” tests for other learning disabilities, depression screening, anxiety screening, trauma screening etc. The extensive approach may require as much as 10 to 15 hours of testing, scoring, interpreting, and follow-up debriefing visit time, significantly increasing the cost to $500-$3000 or more.

More comprehensive evaluations are made by specialists like psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers who specialize in ADHD. The interview includes the individual and may include other family members who know the individual well (parents, adult siblings, partners). Multiple assessment tools are administered, scored, and interpreted. These evaluations often lead to a more accurate diagnosis – along with a comprehensive written report, and more personalized treatment recommendations during a follow-up appointment.

Insurance coverage is an important factor influencing the financial burden of ADHD assessments. Some insurance plans cover a portion of the evaluation costs. Others may offer limited or no coverage at all. In network mental health diagnostic assessments are often covered in full (less the deductible), while out of network assessments are often covered at 50% of the full fee, leaving the other portion to the individual to cover. If cost is an issue it is important to contact your insurance provider to clarify your coverage before the initial appointment.

To sum up, the average costs of ADHD assessments can be influenced by the type of evaluation, professional expertise of the clinician, geographical location, and insurance coverage. Typical pricing ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. At ADHD IQ, the evaluation process includes a 90-minute virtual interview, 5 electronic assessment tools to be completed by the client and a second individual to serve as a secondary source of symptom reporting, and a follow-up session to review the written diagnostic report, the findings, and to discuss treatment recommendations.

Please feel free to reach out to us at ADHD IQ to learn more about our comprehensive diagnostic assessments which are strategically priced well below the average cost for the state, while ensuring that the evaluation is comprehensive, thorough, and accurate.

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