Virtual ADHD Treatment for Teens

I work with teens and their parents in partnership to help them see eye to eye and collaborate with one another to make life better.

We can meet in a number of formats based on what works best for the parent and teen. I see some teens with a parent present for every session. I see other teens alone most often and parents join once a month, others alternate alone and together every other session. The goal is for both the teen and the parent to feel heard and supported, while I help broker the negotiation of responsibilities and expectations that feel fair to everyone. Typical goals might include increased motivation, accountability, and independence.

I also assist parents and teens in getting the accommodations at school that your teen needs to succeed. This may include an individualized education plan (IEP), or a 504 plan which is less intensive than an IEP, but which provides the support that your child needs to succeed in school despite ADHD.

I provide all of the “non-medication treatment” for ADHD, and if you choose to try medication, I can guide you through the process of requesting medication from either your primary care provider or psychiatrist. With your permission, I am happy to collaborate with your provider to ensure he or she understands your challenges and what we are working on together so an appropriate medication can be prescribed.