The Costs of Untreated ADHD

You and your family deserve to thrive with ADHD

I have dedicated my professional career to improving my understanding of the ADHD brain and identifying interventions that work.

The costs of untreated ADHD are too great:

Academic Failure
Students with untreated ADHD, compared to students who are adequately treated for ADHD, have persistent academic difficulties that result in lower average marks, more failed grades, more expulsions, increased dropout rates, and a lower rate of college undergraduate completion.

Financial Issues
Employment and economic status are generally lower in adults who have untreated ADHD as children; this may be due to impulsivity in financial management and difficulties adjusting flexibly to a structured workplace environment with deadlines and expectations for reliability.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Individuals who have untreated ADHD as children are more likely to be in 2 or more car accidents and have a suspended driver’s license as adults.

Substance Use Disorders
Alcohol and drug use both occur at higher rates in adolescents and adults with untreated ADHD.

Legal Issues
One longitudinal study of a population with untreated childhood ADHD found that nearly half had been arrested or served some time in jail.

Reduced Life Expectancy
Russel Barkley’s most recent research asserts that ADHD reduces estimated life expectancy by young adulthood as a result of risk-taking behavior, poor health care, and more car accidents which accompany untreated ADHD. The result is a lifespan reduced up to 13 years.

Marital Issues
Research suggests that rates of marital dysfunction and divorce are twice as high for people with untreated ADHD as they are for people without ADHD.

“I have spent the last 25 years understanding the ADHD brain professionally, while also, learning from and supporting my family members, 5 out of 6 of whom have an ADHD diagnosis.”