Virtual ADHD Treatment for College and Postgraduate Students

College and post grad students with ADHD have unique needs.

I work in partnership with students to identify challenges and implement solutions that will bolster academic success. I have worked successfully with medical students, students at Yale, and students at community colleges. We set goals together and develop systems and strategies to keep track of assignments, and break them into clearly scheduled steps, with the pacing and prioritization needed to avoid overwhelm. We identify and eliminate barriers to academic success and build habits that work.

I also assist students in getting the accommodations needed to succeed in the university setting. This may include connecting with the University Student Resource Center to obtain supported study sessions, extended time, preferential scheduling, small space testing, a scribe, guided notes, copies of professors’ PowerPoint presentations, and/or other supports needed to succeed in higher education despite your ADHD.

I provide all of the “non-medication treatment” for ADHD, and if you choose to try medication, I can guide you through the process of requesting medication from either your primary care provider or psychiatrist. With your permission, I am happy to collaborate with your provider to ensure he or she understands your challenges and what we are working on together so an appropriate medication can be prescribed.