Virtual ADHD Treatment for Kids and Parents

I help parents become experts at handling all things ADHD with ADHD specific parenting strategies, behavior management techniques, and parent child relationship building skills.

I have found that the way treatment works best is to have virtual sessions where the parents attend the sessions, and the kids participate for as much or as little of the session as the parent desires. We discuss challenges, identify goals, and develop interventions to meet those goals together.

We will invite your child in as needed to get input about the challenges they face, to participate in identifying goals, and to get their investment in the interventions we plan to implement. Your child can also have sessions dedicated to helping the child better manage emotional reactivity and curb difficult behaviors. Although parents are primary, the child is seen as an integral part of the “make things better” team.

I also assist parents in getting the academic accommodations at school that your child needs to succeed. This may include an individualized education plan (IEP), or a 504 plan which is less intensive than an IEP, but which provides the support that your child needs to succeed in school despite ADHD.

I provide all of the “non-medication treatment” for ADHD, and if you choose to try medication, I can guide you through the process of requesting medication from either your primary care provider or psychiatrist. With your permission, I am happy to collaborate with your provider to ensure he or she understands your challenges and what we are working on together so an appropriate medication can be prescribed.