ADHD Assessments for College Students

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ADHD Assessments for College or Post Graduate Students at ADHD IQ

I provide comprehensive ADHD assessments for adult students with the distinct needs of this population in mind.

The evaluation consists of electronic assessment scales for you to complete prior to a 60-90-minute interview. If you choose, you may have a parent or significant-other attend the interview. Having a second source of observation of your symptoms is quite useful in the assessment process.

You will receive your diagnostic report by email with my findings and treatment recommendations within 2 weeks of our appointment which you may use to request a medication trial with your primary care provider and/or accommodations to support your success from your university.

An ADHD diagnosis requires that:

1. An ADHD diagnosis for adults requires five or more established ADHD behaviors in one category (inattention or hyperactivity/impulsivity) for six months.

2. Individuals must have symptomatic behavior in two or more settings, like at home, school or at work, usually as identified by two or more observers.

3. The symptoms are debilitating and interfere with daily functioning.

4. Symptomatic behavior started in childhood, usually before age 12, even though a diagnosis may not have been made at that time.

5. Symptoms aren’t better explained by another diagnosis like a trauma disorder, an anxiety disorder, depression, or a sleep disturbance. However, it is possible and quite common to have ADHD and one or more of these other diagnoses. Great care will be taken to understand your specific presentation to get the diagnosis and treatment right.