Virtual ADHD Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment

Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Coach specializing in ADHD.

Based in Columbus, Ohio ... helping all Ohio residents via teletherapy.

Helping adults, kids, teens, and college students for over 25 years.

Offering Online Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment for ADHD

My name is Pamela Moss-Samuelson, the founder of ADHD IQ.

Having four children and a husband at home with ADHD means “I get it” from both a professional and personal perspective.

My name is Pamela Moss-Samuelson, the founder of ADHD IQ.

I am a licensed psychotherapist and certified coach. I specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD for people of all ages.

My name is Pamela Moss-Samuelson, the founder of ADHD IQ.

5-Star Client Reviews

Nannette Fox
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My experience with Pamela at ADHD IQ was exceptional. She guided me through many challenges with my teen with ADHD in a way that preserved his self esteem and helped him to succeed both socially and academically. My relationship with my son was strengthened because of her collaborative approach with us, that included both of us in his treatment decisions. Her expertise is head and shoulders above most of the therapists that I have encountered.
Katherine Moss
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Skilled, caring, and well-trained!! I have referred multiple clients to Pam and all have been incredibly grateful for her guidance and support. They have noted her empathic care, helpful guidance, and clear expertise in the subject. One client in particular reported that she is finally feeling hopeful again about the future! I highly recommend Pam Moss-Samuelson for ADHD evaluation and treatment.
Pam K
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We have been seeing Pammy (Pamela Moss-Samuelson) for ADHD treatment/coaching for years. It is the best investment I have made! I have 3 boys (bio teen and 2 young, adopted) with ADHD and other issues. I love my boys but it is tough, very stressful! She has helped me understand ADHD and has helped me keep my sanity as a parent. It has REALLY helped to feel understood with what I am going through, as a parent, and understand the brain (esp w/teen) of ADHD. It has made me a better parent. Pammy listens, is empathetic, patient, explains well, helps think through goals. She never judges me when I voice my frustrations and struggles. I have been so thankful for her. More than she will EVER know. If you are looking for help to understand and navigate ADHD, I HIGHLY recommend Pammy.
Jen W. MD
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You are like the ADHD fairy!

My practice is entirely virtual.

I provide diagnostic assessments and treatment from the comfort of your home, office, or dorm room.

Immediate availability.