ADHD Goals

You identify your ADHD goals and we partner to reach them together.

Common goals:

  • Improve your understanding of ADHD, how it affects you, your child, or teen, and identify what helps.
  • Implement effective, ADHD informed parenting strategies and behavior management skills.
  • Build systems and strategies to support success and scaffold ADHD related challenges.
  • Improve self-regulation and emotional reactivity.
  • Communicate more effectively within your family.
  • Improve your ability to help your child or teen manage anger, impulsivity, and defiance.
  • Obtain school accommodations for ADHD to improve academic achievement.
  • Learn ADHD specific academic success techniques (homework completion plans, organization skills, motivation, and time management).
  • Decrease tension and conflict in the home.
  • Improve executive functioning deficits to help with academic performance, relationships, financial responsibility, and decision making.
  • Identify and build on strengths to build self-esteem and self efficacy.
  • Increase motivation, independence, and accountability.