ADHD Course Offerings

Here are some amazing course offerings for adults with ADHD at They focus on many topics to help adults with ADHD better understand their ADHD and how to function at their best despite it.  Topics include launching as a young adult with ADHD, navigating college with ADHD, and understanding the common cooccurring diagnoses with ADHD in adults including depression, anxiety and others.  The courses cost under $50 each and may prove to be quite valuable as you work to make your ADHD more manageable. See below.

Providing ADHD Support and Training for Adults

Do you feel lost when it comes to Adult ADHD and its related issues and concerns?

CHADD’s ADHD online courses include both short video lessons about ADHD and downloadable resources that you can read at your convenience.
Throughout CHADD’s self-paced online courses you will receive support from other parents and gain a comprehensive understanding of ADHD and learn strategies to improve life at home and school.

Course 1 – ADHD & Adults

Start with the ADHD & Adults course. This is a course that includes 6 modules for adults newly diagnosed with ADHD or for adults who suspect they may have ADHD. Adults will learn what ADHD is and how it is diagnosed. Upon completion of this course, learners will know more about ADHD including its symptoms, presentations, and coexisting conditions. There are also lessons to introduce how ADHD presents differently in women and older adults. Learn more about each lesson by clicking the link below.

Independent Adult Living Course Objectives

Course 2 – Independent Adult Living

Are you a young adult with ADHD who is transitioning to independent adulthood? Or who have you recently established yourself as an independent adult? Independent Adult Living was designed with you in mind. This is a course that includes 6 modules from apartment hunting to financial planning. Upon completion of this course, learners will know more about how to live and thrive as an independent adult with ADHD including signing a lease, organizing medical records, and paying bills. There are also lessons in creating to-do lists, setting small financial goals, and time management Learn more about each lesson by clicking the link below.

ADHD & Adults Course Objectives

Course 3 – Navigating College with ADHD

Navigating College with ADHD is a course for students with ADHD to learn strategies for their college career. For many students with ADHD, college might be a better match than high school for their interests and learning preferences. Selecting their own courses, spending less time in class, having more free time in between classes, and having extracurricular opportunities can all make college an exciting adventure. However, all these same circumstances can also make adjusting to college extremely difficult for students with ADHD. College is dramatically different than high school, with increased academic demands, differences in teaching methods and grading procedures, and less available accommodations and supports. In addition, the sudden expectation to balance classes, social opportunities, and being “in charge” of it all can result in students with ADHD experiencing more stress and greater academic difficulty than those without ADHD. To achieve success, students with ADHD can get a head start if they come to college with the right strategies to help them as they pursue their college career.